BlockEngine (yeah, such an original name, right?) is an attempt to create yet another voxel block-based engine like Minecraft ( and Minetest ( BlockEngine, at the moment, can only render a chunk in the world using immediate mode. Making a lot of render calls in immediate mode makes the game slow down drastically, so at the moment, I'm trying to get chunks to render by using vertex-buffer objects. I know it isn't much, and I wouldn't have created this project yet if my computer wasn't so terrible. It has crashed 4-5 times in the last few months, so I need a reliable and convenient place to store it. The very long-term goal for BlockEngine at the moment is for it to be an online, infinite and persistent-world video game where players can reside on the main world or explore deep space and do almost anything. The short term goal is to get chunks to work. :3 It is written in C# with OpenTK. As the game progresses, I want the game to integrate as closely as possible with Windows 7 which is the gaming platform I would like for this game to run on.

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